Automotive software management does not need to be a costly, logistical nightmare.

There is no need to experience the pain of outsourcing ECU reflashing tasks to third parties who collect unreasonable sums of money and claim there are no better options. They are your products, it's your brand, and it's your bottom line.

What We're Doing About It

Exclusive Origin arms Automotive OEMs and Tier 1/Tier 2 suppliers with complete, intuitive ECU Software Management systems to tackle software rework actions for individual ECUs or installed in-vehicle. We equip your organization with scalable ECU software management tools that automate the ECU reflashing process. From hardware to software to hands-on service, we enable organizations to take control of ECU software and firmware.



Exclusive Origin incorporates several strategies to create fast and scalable tool sets to reflash more ECUs in less time

Our hardware systems operate in real-time, making them up to 25% faster than commercial off-the-shelf tools common to the industry. The handheld units can be used by themselves or connected to a PC to gang up to 20 together at once.Our proprietary Diff File algorithm identifies the differences between existing ECU memory map and the target map, and creates a flash package to replace only the modified bits. You can read more about it here. It is not unusual for a customer to reflash over 900 ECUs a day that require 320kb of memory replacement on a 125k CAN network!

Exclusive Origin Hands your organization the keys to Large Scale ECU Reflashing Freedom

Exclusive Origin delivers toolsets to its customers to perform ECU reflash actions. These tools can be placed at the End-Of-Line (EOL) in the manufacturing process, ensuring that the latest software or firmware is installed before the ECU leaves the facility. They can also be utilized in the field, such as parking lots where the ECU is already installed in the vehicle.

The units are plug-and-play, and require no configuration or set-up by the customer. We offer services to manage these devices remotely. The customer only needs to connect them to a computer, and we will update the software and functionality of the unit.



Capture, Log, And Share Reflash Data On the Cloud

Exclusive Origin's suite of tools allows for data collection before and after the ECU reflash process for quality management purposes. Many times automotive OEMs require the Tier 1/Tier 2 suppliers to collect software levels before and after the reflash to verify and ensure that the unit does indeed have the latest software. We offer not only the ability to collect this data, but also the ability to upload this data to a cloud database for real-time analysis of ECU relfash actions.

Don't wait until its too late.

As you know, reflash actions happen fast and need to be taken care of quickly and without risk. Contact us and we'll get your organization ready for the inevitable.